simplifying the use of --throw-keyid option

David Shaw
Thu Apr 3 16:42:03 2003

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On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 11:58:53PM -0600, David Champion wrote:
> > Even assuming the local user happens to know via whatever means which
> > secret key to use, unless the user has a massive number of secret keys
> > to try, there is no real advantage to this.
> I happen to have 9 secret keys on my current keyring. If I were to
> decrypt a lot of message with thrown key IDs, all in one shot -- say I'm
> searching for something in my mailbox, and I get a lot of messages from
> a particular person who throws IDs when sending to me -- that actually
> could be significant computational savings.

I have 63 secret keys on my current keyring, and that's the ring I
used to test the feature ;)   The check to see whether a given key is
the right one is actually extremely quick.

I'm not completely against the idea, but I am reluctant to add extra
complexity for something this obscure.  Nobody is saying "add this,
because I'm having a problem without it".  If it came to pass that
this was an actual problem for people someday, it would be a different

I'm also not sure that -u would be the appropriate option here, since
- -u is designed and documented to work in an options file, which would
make thrown keyid messages more or less unusable in those cases unless
the -u value happened to match the key in use.

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