simplifying the use of --throw-keyid option

David Champion
Thu Apr 3 20:19:01 2003

* On 2003.04.03, in <>,
*	"David Shaw" <> wrote:
> I have 63 secret keys on my current keyring, and that's the ring I
> used to test the feature ;)   The check to see whether a given key is
> the right one is actually extremely quick.

Ah, ok -- unfamiliar with the specifics of 2440, I thought it must
take as long as decrypting the whole message, and then some. But I can
imagine that's not necessary.

> I'm not completely against the idea, but I am reluctant to add extra
> complexity for something this obscure.  Nobody is saying "add this,
> because I'm having a problem without it".  If it came to pass that
> this was an actual problem for people someday, it would be a different
> story.

Fair enough.

> I'm also not sure that -u would be the appropriate option here, since
> -u is designed and documented to work in an options file, which would
> make thrown keyid messages more or less unusable in those cases unless
> the -u value happened to match the key in use.

I wondered whether that might be a problem.

In this case, then, would it be appropriate to change the help text
associated with -u? It currently says "use this user-id to sign or
decrypt", but it sounds like that user-id is *never* used to decrypt. Or
is there another case where a user can profitably specify the decryption

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