A GnuPG oddity (decompression)

Per Tunedal pt@radvis.nu
Mon Apr 7 19:29:02 2003

At 12:28 2003-04-07 -0400, Eugene Smiley wrote:
 >gnupg-users-admin@gnupg.org <mailto:gnupg-users-admin@gnupg.org>
 >> Here is a weird thing that I found when comparing PGP and GnuPG.
 >> You'll find below some conventionally encrypted data (the
 >> passphrase to decrypt is "test").
 >> It is decrypted OK by PGP and GnuPG. BUT GnuPG generates garbled
 >> data. (I've tried GnuPG v1.0.6 and v1.2.1). This has something
 >> to do with decompression, because I get no problem with non-
 >> compressed data.
 >> Thanks for any suggestion.
 >I get it to work fine with both PGP and GPGshell. Nothing comes out
 >garbled, but I do get this from GPGshell:
 >gpg: CAST5 encrypted data
 >gpg: WARNING: message was not integrity protected
 >Time: 4/7/2003 12:18:33 PM (4:18:33 PM UTC)
 >Here's what I am using:
 >OS		: Win XP
 >PGP		: 8.0.2
 >GPG		: 1.2.1
 >GPGshell	: 2.65

I get some extra letters in the message when decrypted with GPG:
  e.g. "Here's how it worksyfor authentication: Alice, ..."

Maybe you didn't notice?

Per Tunedal