A GnuPG oddity (decompression)

markus_kampkoetter markus_kampkoetter@t-online.de
Mon Apr 7 20:02:01 2003

Falissard schrieb:
> Here is a weird thing that I found when comparing
> PGP and GnuPG.
> You'll find below some conventionally encrypted data
> (the passphrase to decrypt is "test").
> It is decrypted OK by PGP and GnuPG.
> BUT GnuPG generates garbled data.

works fine for me (gnupg 1.0.6 & winPT)

> (I've tried GnuPG v1.0.6 and v1.2.1).
> This has something to do with decompression,
> because I get no problem with non-compressed data.
> Thanks for any suggestion.


markus kampkoetter