Anyone have hpux11.11 gnupg working?

Furnish, Trever
Tue Apr 8 21:43:01 2003

This is probably because I'm doing something patently stupid, but when I 
run configure on HPUX11.11 on an rp8400, I get the following errors, 
then configure dies:

# ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnupg
checking build system type... config.sub: too many arguments
Try `config.sub --help' for more information.
configure: error: /bin/sh scripts/config.sub hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.11 failed

Do I need a Gnu toolchain installed even just to run configure?  Any 
pointers on where to start (what to check, what to update, what Gnu 
tools required, how to tell configure about them once they're installed, 
etc) would be greatly appreciated.

This is for gnupg-1.2.1 taken from the web site just a couple of days ago.

Trever Furnish, tgfurnish @ herff-jones d0t com