Anyone have hpux11.11 gnupg working?

Joseph Bruni
Wed Apr 9 03:38:22 2003

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I have it working on HP/UX 11.11, but I did not receive the errors you 
indicate below. I was able to compile GPG with the HP ANSI C compiler 
(not the built-in) and did not need to install GCC. In fact, none of 
the Gnu tools are installed.

On Tuesday, April 8, 2003, at 12:48 PM, Furnish, Trever wrote:

> This is probably because I'm doing something patently stupid, but when 
> I run configure on HPUX11.11 on an rp8400, I get the following errors, 
> then configure dies:
> # ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnupg
> checking build system type... config.sub: too many arguments
> Try `config.sub --help' for more information.
> configure: error: /bin/sh scripts/config.sub hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.11 
> failed
> Do I need a Gnu toolchain installed even just to run configure?  Any 
> pointers on where to start (what to check, what to update, what Gnu 
> tools required, how to tell configure about them once they're 
> installed, etc) would be greatly appreciated.
> This is for gnupg-1.2.1 taken from the web site just a couple of days 
> ago.
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