Compiling GnuPG on Windows

Eddie Roosenmaallen
Fri Apr 11 16:28:02 2003

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Hi all,

This message may be better suited for the dev mailing list, but maybe
someone here can help me.

I'm trying to compile GnuPG on my windows box, just to see how it works
(since I'm stuck with Windows, I may as well learn to hack in it).

I've downloaded the GnuPG source from CVS (STABLE-BRANCH-1-2). I'm using
MinGW 2.4 and MSYS 1.0.8. My Perl environment is ActiveState Perl 5.6.1.
When I try to make GnuPG, it reports a line of errors - I need automake,
autoconf and gettext. So, I downloaded them (automake-1.7, autoconf-2.57,
and gettext-0.11.5).

Trying to build automake, ./config and make both run OK, but make test fails
most of the tests. Some of them mention autoconf, so I tried to build that

Trying to build autoconf, ./config works, but make fails on
First I got an error along the lines of "uninitialised scalar in chomp on
line 331", so I put a test around the chomp line to ensure the $tmp variable
is initialised. Now I'm getting "WIFEXITED is not a valid POSIX macto at
[bla bla bla] line 482". "perldoc POSIX" does list WIFEXITED as a macro in
the POSIX module, and it is mentioned in C:\perl\lib\ This is
where I get lost - is there a safe and sane way to fix this or work around it?

Thanks (and if this is better for the dev list, please let me know),
  Eddie Roosenmaallen

Version: GnuPG v1.2.1 (MingW32)
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