GPGrelay "hangs" when fetching mail

Neil Williams
Fri Apr 11 22:21:03 2003

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On Friday 11 April 2003 1:45 pm, Per Tunedal wrote:
> Hi,
> GPGrelay "hangs" occasionally when fetching mail. It might have something
> to do with the option --outo-key-retreive ? What about a time-out for the
> keysearching? Is this a GPGrelay or a GPG issue?

Keyserver issue. I had enormous problems with this until I changed GnuPG to 
use broken-http-proxy emulation. Now KMail does delay while retrieving new 
keys but if a key is not found, it doesn't wait overly long - the keyserver 
comes back with an error code the gnupg can understand and it simply tells 
KMail to continue without verifying the sig. I get a yellow alert that the 
public key cannot be found and the message cannot be verified.

I often email the person concerned off-list to ask where they have a copy of 
their public key so that I can import it. The next time I view the message, 
it verifies as expected.

Most keyservers I've used already have a timeout suitable for 
auto-key-retrieve and if you are getting v.v.long delays, like me, 
investigate your firewall and your HKP connection. Depending if you are still 
using an old gnupg it would be keyserver x-broken-hkp:// 
in ~/.gnupg/options or with a newer installation that will raise a warning to 
change to:
keyserver-options broken-http-proxy
in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf


Neil Williams

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