Neil Williams
Fri Apr 11 22:23:02 2003

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On Friday 11 April 2003 7:19 pm, Denis McCauley wrote:
>  > Eddie Roosenmaallen  wrote
>  > Another alternative for an easy-to-use mail frontend is Mozilla with
>  > Enigmail. It's pretty painless to set up, and it does signing,
>  > encrypting,
>  > key pair generation, etc. right from the menus in Moz mail.
> Very easy to use but I see a problem with encrypting or signing mails
> with Enigmail because this is done on sending, which means private
> keys  (and passphrase if cached) might be exposed when you go online.
> An option to encrypt/sign and queue would solve this problem though.

But Mozilla can do that, like most email clients you can send now or send 
later. It's a simple configuration option.
# To send messages in your Unsent Messages folder before going offline, check 
"Send Unsent Messages".

The act of signing is done when the message is finalised ready for sending 
later - queued. This can therefore be done offline, leaving only the signed 
email in the outbox waiting for the connection and command to send. 

Besides, even without a queue, aren't you going to be using a firewall to 
protect your machine? Where is the perceived threat - from the internet or 
from the intranet or even from users on the same system? 


Neil Williams

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