different way of enrcypted e-mails including signatures/ Sylpheed-Claws-bug

Martin Bretschneider martin.bretschneider@gmx.de
Sun Apr 13 00:56:01 2003

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Hi GnuPG-user and devs,

I'm (still) investigating a bug of my favourite e-mail-client

Sylpheed-Claws does not recognize signatures of PGP/MIME-encrypted &
signed e-mails sent by mutt or gpgrelay (I call them group X). But it
does from Sylpheed-Claws, Mozilla, Evolution... (I call them group Y).

Now I've found the big difference beetween X and Y:
Y takes the e-mail-body, calculates the signature, adds a
MIME-envelope and put the signature in that.
X puts the signature in another way to the encrypted part. I guess it
is a kind of combinded method described in chapted 6.2 in RFC 3156.

If I decrypt a e-mail by X manually, gpg verifies it automatically.
There is no MIMI-envelope including the signature left. Thus,
Sylpheed-Claws cannot verify it.

I want to be as exact as possible in reporting this bug to the
Sylpheed-claws-devs. Can you pleas tell me, the method that
Sylpheed-Claws does not support?

BTW: Sylpheed-Claws uses GPGME in order to use GnuPG.

TIA  Martin
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