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Michael Nahrath
Mon Apr 14 13:28:55 2003

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Neil Williams wrote:

> Before I do something I will later regret, I thought I'd ask.
> :-)

Good Idea!

> I currently have just an ElGamal subkey on my main GnuPG key, 28BCB3E3.
> I've created a test key that isn't on any keyservers yet to which I've added 
> other subkeys, RSA (1 sign + 1 encrypt) and DSA.
> Does this make this key 
> 1: more, or less, secure?

There were additional possible weaknesses and attacks to vare for.

> 2: more or less compatible with PGP?

AFAIK the only PGP-Versions that don't understand eGamal subkeys not
understand any subkeys at all.

OTOH Keys with more than one subkey are still a problem, at least to the
most existing keyservers.

> What does it add / subtract from the usefulness of the key?

Irritate people. Trigger esotheric bugs ...

Greeting, Michi

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