hardware acceleration?

Chris Hedemark chris@yonderway.com
Tue Apr 15 12:49:01 2003

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On Monday, April 14, 2003, at 11:02 PM, Jason Harris wrote:

> Google?  Just use the source.

This is gnupg-users, not gnupg-devel.

> The topic has come up (again?) recently, but the support isn't
> currently there.
> Have you looked at cryptolib or coding something that links to OpenSSL?

Again, see the TO: header.

> Can you tell us more about the new website?

cryptonly.{com,net,org} (don't bother looking, it's not there yet 
outside of my laptop) is intended to be a crypto-for-all advocacy site. 
  When I say all I'm not talking about just little old ladies or the 
technophobic coworker, but also enough tech there to satisfy sysadmins 
and developers alike.  I've been learning PHP to put some front end 
tools together for GnuPG, OpenSSL and other tools.   I don't want to 
give too much away at this point but I am looking at some of the great 
work Darxus has done with the web of trust analysis and improving upon 
that for a web based user.

I've also got a farm of oddball machines that are a little old but 
still current enough to be relevant for cross-platform development 
purposes (sparc, sparc64, alpha, vax, hp-parisc, etc).  I've already 
talked a very little bit with one of the GnuPG developers to gauge 
interest in using this farm for GnuPG development and it looks like 
that might come to fruition in a few months.
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