compiling pinentry-0.6.8

Jacques Dejean
Mon Apr 21 16:12:02 2003


In compiling pinentry-0.6.8 on an hpux 11.11 system with HP ANSI/C compiler,
the process fails with the following error --
checking for fopencookie... no
configure: error:
*** fopencookie(3) is needed to build this package.
*** We will provide an replacement in a later release.

I am running the following command --
> export CC=/usr/bin/cc
> configure --prefix=/opt/gnu --with-libiconv-prefix=/opt/gnu/lib

Is there an alternate version of glibc-2.3, containing "fopencookie", which
is available for hpux 11.11?

Thanks for you reply.

Jacques V. Dejean
Lead Systems Administrator
Alliance Entertainment 
(v) 954-255-4344