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Todd Todd <>
Tue Apr 22 04:15:03 2003

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Joseph Bruni wrote:
> By the way, if you are doing this in order to build a tarball that you 
> can transplant to another system, you might not get what you expect. 
> Some utilities (like OpenSSH)  use what you set in the PREFIX in order 
> to rewrite man pages on the fly. They do this so that the location of 
> files as specified in the man pages matches what the installer set 
> during the build process. I'm not sure if GnuPG does this, however.

If that's the case, I would think the OP would want to use DESTDIR.  You'd
use a normal ./configure and make and then use

    make DESTDIR=$HOME/gnupg install

to have things installed into $HOME/gnupg yet ready to untar into /usr/local
on the target system.  Or something like that... :)

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