Messed up my GnuPG needed.

John Watson
Thu Apr 24 23:15:02 2003

I mistakenly erased both my public and private keys (yes even after being
warned 2 or 3 times). Anyway I did generate a revoke key.

I have since re-generated a new set of keys although I haven't exported any
nor have I sent an emails using them (except to myself for testing). I
thought that I may be able to use the same passphrase to regenerate the
same set of keys as before (!). However I believe this would be futile due
to a random seed coming into play (right??).

My questions are:
1.      Can I rescue my original keys at all?
2.      If not, how do I go about exporting my revoke key to cancel my 	    
	 previous public key? 


John. (using kde3.1.0 and Mandake9.1)