Data not decrypting

Steve Butler
Fri Aug 1 19:38:03 2003

Interesting.  Does look like your friend encrypted to three different
recipients.  In your test of encrypting a file to yourself also include two
other recipients and see if you can decrypt it OK.  Should work fine, but
that's the only thing I see that might be causing problems.  

If the file was transferred in ASCII mode rather than Binary, I'd expect gpg
to complain and abort.  So, I doubt that is a factor (besides, attached
binary files "should" be ok).

The final idea is really off the wall.  Don't supposed she encrypted it
twice?  Hmm.  I haven't played with that to see what gpg would do.  The only
scenario I can imagine is encrypting a file to a third party, then encrypt
it to an intermediary, send it to the intermediary to decrypt and forward
the resulting file on to the third party.  Doesn't make much sense -- but
then a lot of things in life fall into that category.

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