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CL Gilbert
Fri Aug 1 20:13:09 2003

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That couldnt be the problem because the photo is only in the PGP8
keyring.  I could never get it onto a server, and infact I just lost it
since I dumped the PGP8 keyring.  all my exports to the server have been
from gpg, and I never had a picture in gpg.

so if its a key server problem, its not from the picture.

note that I updated to 10 years, but
either wont take it, or just takes longer to update its db once it
receives a new key.  Either way, neither will accept a date of 'never.'

David Shaw wrote:
| On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 01:26:19PM -0400, CL Gilbert wrote:
|>Its beginning to look like a keyserver issue.  I dont think some servers
|>are liking the 'never' option for key expiration.
|>So either gpg is not sending the date to the servers correctly, or the
|>servers are not liking the 'never' option.
| It's a keyserver issue, but not for the reason you think.  Most
| keyservers reject photo IDs.  The problem 1-year expiration time was
| on the photo ID... so it never made it onto a keyserver.
| David

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