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Todd Todd <>
Fri Aug 1 21:51:02 2003

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Eugene Smiley wrote:
> Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder wrote:
>> Todd, gpg thinks your key expired - but I see it has a number of
>> self signatures, so I guess you tried to remove the expiry date.

>> Bug in gpg 1.2.1? (I didn't look at 1.2.2/cvs)
> Same result in 1.2.2-nr2 and PGP 8.0.2.

I think this may be keyserver related.  I imported a copy of my key from a
keyserver into another account's keyring and verified a message.  I got the
expired key warning.  Then I deleted the key and imported it from the file I
have on my website and it verified without any warning.

Any ideas on ways to make this work within the existing keyserver
infrastructure would be welcomed, but this is another reason I dislike using
the keyservers.  They are simply broken in too many ways to be all that
useful. :(

The canonical source for my key is at the URL in my .sig and in the
X-Request-PGP header.  If you use the key from that location and still get
errors in GnuPG or PGP, I'd like to know about it.  I think GnuPG will
handle it fine.  I'm not as sure that PGP will, because of the expired
self-sig on the photo id, but I don't have a copy of PGP handy to test with
and I'm too lazy to download it and fire up a windows VM to test it.  If it
doesn't work with PGP and there's a good way to fix this from my end, I'm
all ears.

One other thing I just noticed is an old user id on the key that's on the
servers but was one I removed from my key, long before there was a revuid
command in gpg and before I knew about revoking the self sig.  That uid
still has the expiration date set and may well be causing problems.  I
suppose I can import that and then revuid it and upload that to the
keyservers to see if that helps.

And I thought I'd squared all of this away a while ago... :)

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