key expiry (was: Re: PGP8)

Todd Todd <>
Fri Aug 1 22:12:02 2003

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Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder wrote:
> Todd, gpg thinks your key expired - but I see it has a number of self 
> signatures, so I guess you tried to remove the expiry date.

Yeah, I *thought* I had. :)

It looks like there's an expired sig still on the photoid.  Before I go
deleting or revoking that expired sig, perhaps someone in the know can
explain why this would make the key show as expired and what the best way
top remove this is?  I had originally created the key with a 5 year
expiration but then I changed my mind and set it to not expire.  I used gpg
to make these modifications to the key, just FYI.

I'm using gpg 1.2.3rc2 and had been using 1.2.2 and 1.2.1 previous to that
and both allowed me to use the key fine and verify my own sigs.  Perhaps
this is because I also have the secret key though.  I do recall testing it
on another machine without the secret key and gpg 1.2.{1,2} and I got no
warning about the key being expired.

Here's the output of list-sigs (trimmed a bit):

pub  1024D/D654075A 1997-12-07 Todd <>
sig 3       D654075A 2003-01-27   Todd <>
uid                            [jpeg image of size 3296]
sig 3       D654075A 2003-01-27   Todd <>
sig         D654075A 2002-06-05   Todd <>

It's that last sig on the photoid packet that's expired.  I can see this
using list-packets.  BTW, is there a command that will show this without
having to work on an exported key file?

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