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CL Gilbert
Fri Aug 1 22:48:08 2003

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Todd wrote:
| Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder wrote:
|>Todd, gpg thinks your key expired - but I see it has a number of self
|>signatures, so I guess you tried to remove the expiry date.
| Yeah, I *thought* I had. :)
| It looks like there's an expired sig still on the photoid.  Before I go
| deleting or revoking that expired sig, perhaps someone in the know can
| explain why this would make the key show as expired and what the best way
| top remove this is?  I had originally created the key with a 5 year
| expiration but then I changed my mind and set it to not expire.  I
used gpg
| to make these modifications to the key, just FYI.
| I'm using gpg 1.2.3rc2 and had been using 1.2.2 and 1.2.1 previous to that
| and both allowed me to use the key fine and verify my own sigs.  Perhaps
| this is because I also have the secret key though.  I do recall testing it
| on another machine without the secret key and gpg 1.2.{1,2} and I got no
| warning about the key being expired.
| Here's the output of list-sigs (trimmed a bit):
| pub  1024D/D654075A 1997-12-07 Todd <>
| sig 3       D654075A 2003-01-27   Todd <>
| [...]
| uid                            [jpeg image of size 3296]
| sig 3       D654075A 2003-01-27   Todd <>
| sig         D654075A 2002-06-05   Todd <>
| It's that last sig on the photoid packet that's expired.  I can see this
| using list-packets.  BTW, is there a command that will show this without
| having to work on an exported key file?

gpg --list-sigs

what does the 3 mean in 'sig 3'?

I just imported yoru key from your asc file and its saying expired...
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