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CL Gilbert
Sat Aug 2 00:14:01 2003

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Todd wrote:
| David Shaw wrote:
|>An expired sig doesn't mean an expired key.
| Right, I didn't think it would, but I wasn't sure where else the
| was coming from.
|>The problem you are having is due to two user IDs that still have a 5-year
|>key expiration date set on them.
|>  <free??!>
|>  Todd <free??!>
| I caught on to that after Eugene posted and made me take another look at
| what's out there on the keyservers.  I had just deleted those uid's
from my
| key a while back before the revuid command was available and before I knew
| that it was better to revsig them at least.  Hell, I might have done this
| before I was even using gpg, I don't know.
| As always, thanks for clarifying things David.

so are we saying any expired ID expires the whole key?

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