Question from a newbie

Aguilera, Luis
Tue Aug 5 14:39:02 2003

May be i wasn't clear exposing the problem.

This is my problem:
    I want to change the passphrase from a command line, and Not from inside
    I'm developing a software based in webpages with PHP, that will send
    to other applications and that use keys generated with Gnupg to sign
this files.

    When the software is installed in a new computer. I'm the person who
    the keys that will use the New user. I need to give to the User a tool,
to They can change 
    their Passphrase with a Frontend in PHP.
    The user have to type his passphrase in the webpage PHP, then type the
new and re type 
    the new one using a friendly Frontend. From PHP using the data typed by
the User, I want to
    execute Gnupg and change the passphrase.
    Before to begin the develop in PHP, I was try to change my passphrase in
DOS mode 
    giving to Gnupg all data needed in a Command Line (my passphrase, The
new and the new again).
    But, it doesn't work. Allways i've to type inside Gnupg this data.
    I want to change the passphrase from a command line
I hope to be explicit!
Thanks for your advice!!!

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On Monday 04 August 2003 15:40, Aguilera, Luis wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to automatize change of the passphrase using gnupg from PHP.
> But, I can't make it work from a command line in DOS mode.
> I'm try to work out this with:
> gpg --edit-key charlie passwd
> and gpg turns the dialog mode and I've to type the actual passphrase, type
> the new and re type the new one.
> But I don't know how to pass the actual passphrase, enter the new  and re
> enter this without the dialog with gpg.
> Some body help me PLEASE!!
> Luis Aguilera
> Sorry about my poor language! (I'm speak spanish)

  The way *I* read your message, it looks like you might as not be using
cryptography. This is similar (I think) to the discussion or the past week
so about automating these kinds of things in cryptography. It may as well
be used at all, since you don't want to 'physically' monitor what's
with your public and private keys.
  Like I said, I may just be reading your message incorrectly, but that's
I got out of it.

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