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John Aldrich john@chattanooga.net
Tue Aug 5 18:14:02 2003

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On Tuesday 05 August 2003 08:54 am, Mark H. Wood wrote:

> Realizing that this is wandering offtopic, I can think of one way to beat
> it.  Your addressbook should remember which kind of signature each person
> prefers.  Say you're sending to Fred, Barney, and MrSlate.  Fred and
> MrSlate can handle only inline sig.s, while Barney can take either kind,
> and you prefer attached sig.s.  So Barney receives his copy with attached
> sig., while Fred and MrSlate receive the same body with an inline sig.,
> without you having to do anything special.  When replying to a signed
> message, default to signing the reply the same way the original was
> signed.  You should only have to choose when sending to someone whose
> preference is not recorded and cannot be deduced.
> When taking an address into the addressbook from a signed message, the
> form of the message's signature should set the default value for
> signature-type in the entry.
Yep. I've got a wishlist item for KMail to do that, and I think they said t=
it wouldn't be too much trouble and might just make a near-future version..=
:-) Hopefully the KMail guys can come up with an addressbook option to do=20
this... It would be REALLY nice! :-)
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