Evolution signatures

Adam Pavelec apavelec@benefit-services.com
Tue Aug 5 15:22:03 2003

On Monday, August 04, 2003 7:09 PM [GMT-5=EST], Eugene Smiley
<eugene@esmiley.net> wrote:

> The people who use the arguement that inline-PGP is deprecated or that
> a MUA that supports inlined and not PGP/MIME is broken are spouting
> nonsense. It's a matter of the lowest common denominator, which is
> inlined-PGP. More clients support inlined-PGP than PGP/MIME.
> Once the balance shifts to PGP/MIME, then they can say what they want,
> but with Microsoft's MAUs being used on more desktops, either the
> community causes them to get updated or the community gets them
> replaced.
> Now don't get me wrong. I think PGP/MIME is the bomb, but for those
> with MAU's that aren't PGP/MIME compatible verifying the sig is a
> royal pain (as compared to verifying inlined).

I totally agree.  I've tried replacing my Windows environment with
various GNU/Linux distros, and I really appreciated what Evolution had
to offer, but I always find myself reverting back to a hardened [1] XP
Professional habitat.  And, yes, I know Mozilla/Thunderbird/Enigmail are
available, but I really don't care for Mozilla/Thunderbird's mail client
too much.  It's a shame that I am so lazy because I usually find myself
skipping through the PGP/MIME messages from this list because reading
them involves an extra step or two.  And I have yet to receive PGP/MIME
messages from any other source.  So, I am eagerly awaiting the time when
someone writes a PGP/MIME plug-in for OE.  I highly doubt Microsoft will
implement it anytime soon.  It /is/ rather comical to receive their
security bulletins with bad PGP signatures...


[1] Yes, it /is/ possible to harden Windows XP...