Testing Mozilla with Enigmail.

Dan Egli dan@shortcircuit.dyndns.org
Tue Aug 5 23:44:02 2003

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Adam Pavelec wrote:

| Jean-David Beyer wrote:
|> I seem to now be able (after posting to nj.test) send inline signed
|> messages with Mozilla and Enigmail.
|> When I read signed posts here, they all come up with a pen (indicating
|> signed) overlaid with a red question mark, indicating the signature is
|> missing from my keyring. This is not a surprise.
| I am also testing Thunderbird/Enigmail -- I am fairly certain that this
| means that the key/s in question is/are UNTRUSTED; although I have a
| feeling that the red question mark /could/ mean different things in
| different circumstances.
| When I click the red question mark from your message, I receive a dialog
| box stating "UNTRUSTED Good signature from..." with all of your key's
| credentials.  I'd imagine that if I were to assign a level of trust to
| your key and perhaps sign it, the red question mark would no longer
| appear...

Read the yellow text above the subject line. If it says UNVERIFIED
signature, you lack the public key. if it says UNTRUSTED signature, you
have their public key but it has not been signed. If it says Good
signature, you have their public key and it's been signed by someone else.

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