Problem migrating to XP

John Clizbe
Wed Aug 6 13:20:02 2003

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Taylor, Martin C (RENBSUK) wrote:
> I'm using gnupg 1.2.2 with gpgshell 2.81. I use idea.dll because of an
> issue with one particular correspondent. I had this installed on a
> Windows 2000 system, where it worked well.
> I've now migrated to a Windows XP (SP1) system, and re-installed there.
> I now find that I can't decrypt email from that correspondent, and the
> error I get is consistent with idea.dll not being installed. When I try
> using regsvr32 to register idea.dll, I gett "DLLRegisterServer entry
> point not found".
> Any ideas on how to fix this situation? (Apart from the obvious one of
> getting my correspondent to change his RSA key, which seems to be what
> causes idea.dll to be required.)
> Martin Taylor

Update GPG to the Nullify build of 1.2.2

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