i want to test my gpg

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Thu Aug 7 18:57:02 2003

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Hello Adrian,

Thursday, August 7, 2003, 17:18:17, <gnupg-users@gnupg.org>
with subject {i want to test my gpg} wrote:

> On Thursday 07 August 2003 12:43, akshaysalkar wrote:
>> anyone out there ready to do some exchange of gpg sigs and messages. i
>> would like to test mine also.
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> Would you mind either not sending advertisement or at least put in a proper
> signature delimiter (dash-dash-space, like below). Or if not that, at least
> some kind of greeting so I know what part of the mail is considered your
> signature as opposed to a part of your text.

> cheers
> -- vbi

> </asshole mode>

what do you expect from a known spam domain (indiatimes.com)
I got only 2 unsolicited emails from indiatimes.com
and now they are on my black list

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