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Ben Finney ben@benfinney.id.au
Fri Aug 8 03:59:02 2003

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On 07-Aug-2003, Stewart V. Wright wrote:
> If anyone has a solution [to information loss when receiving list
> digests] I'd love to hear it, this is something I've been
> contemplating for a while, and I can't see how to get around it.

I was irritated enough by the problems inherent to list digests, to turn
off all my digest subscriptions, and use procmail to filter all lists
into folders (except the ones that are low-traffic and high-importance
enough that I want to get them in my inbox).

This way, I still get to read all the messages for each list together at
a time that's convenient for me, but none of the downsides of digests.

Using Mutt, I can even define which mailboxes will be scanned for new
messages, so I get notified when there's new stuff to read without it
cluttering my inbox.

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