Machine parseable info like --list-packets

Marc Singer
Tue Aug 12 11:33:02 2003

On Mon, Aug 11, 2003 at 11:30:39AM +0200, Timo Schulz wrote:
> On Sun Aug 10 2003; 14:07, Marc Singer wrote:
> > I'd like to present a user with information about a signature.  The
> > --list-packets option will show the essential information, KEYID and
> > creation date.  Is there a way to emit this information in a way that
> > is machine parseable?
> What about the status fd messages? For example:
>     VALIDSIG    <fingerprint in hex> <sig_creation_date> <sig-timestamp>
>                 <expire-timestamp> <sig-version> <reserved> <pubkey-algo>
>                 <hash-algo> <sig-class> <primary-key-fpr>

Is this the message returned when the signature is verified?  I'm
looking for a method that parses the signature packet, only.