gpgme 0.4.2 setting errno to EOPNOTSUPP

Ralf Doering
Wed Aug 13 10:50:01 2003

Werner Koch wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Aug 2003 22:22:14 +0200, Ralf Doering said:

>> One problem still exists. gpgme_data_[read|write|seek] in data.c
>> tries to set errno to EOPNOTSUPP. This, however is not supported by
>> MingW, it just does not define this code.
> All Windows specific stuff should go into w32-*.  This does also mean
>  that proper mapping must be done.

Hmm, that's right. But the EOPNOTSUPP comes from data.c, which holds
generic, platform independent mappings to the platform specific code,
if I see this right.
The question here seems to be: Can we assume EOPNOTSUPP do be more or
less platform-independent or not? In other  words: which standard
(POSIX?) defines the existense of this constant?
Or should we use one of the other error conditions, as I suggested in my
last mail to this list?

>> change MinGW to include EOPNOTSUPP officialy or to change gpgme to=20
>> return an other code.
> BTW, MinGW from is not the same as mingw32/cpd.  The=20
> maintainers are obviously not interested in merging the=20
> efforts, in fact I have never got any reponse from them when asking
> to work together (that is in contrast to the orginal author, Colin=20
> Peters).  Given that it was futile I consider both separate projects=20
> and don't care about .  So if you see __MINGW32__ you
> better assume that is mingw32/cpd.

Despite a few simple modifications (which are mostly not mingw-specific)
gpgme compiles well with actual mingw versions from, gnupg (at
least 1.2.1) compiles out of the box.
After testing, I will post a patch.

Ralf D=F6ring
NetSys.IT GbR