revocation certificate

Ross Druker
Thu Aug 14 21:47:02 2003

Following the README, I tried to created a revocation certificate:

gpg --gen-revoke your_user_id

Went fine up to this point.  The last line looks like an error.  What should I
see or get as output.  A file?  This system has 2 GB of memory and there's
basically nothing running since it's a test machine.

Create a revocation certificate for this key? y
Please select the reason for the revocation:
  0 = No reason specified
  1 = Key has been compromised
  2 = Key is superseded
  3 = Key is no longer used
  Q = Cancel
(Probably you want to select 1 here)
Your decision? 1
Enter an optional description; end it with an empty line:
> test certificate
Reason for revocation: Key has been compromised
test certificate
Is this okay? y

You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for
user: "<name, id stuff removed here>"
1024-bit DSA key, ID <ID number removed here> created 2003-08-14

ASCII armored output forced.
gpg: out of  memory while allocating 8192 bytes

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