egd SHA Makefile problems

Ross Druker
Thu Aug 14 21:54:02 2003

When making egd I ran into a minor problem (bug?).

There's no cc compiler on the box; I installed gcc.

The first time I ran
perl Makefile.PL

I got an error because it couldn't find cc, the default compiler.  So a ran
perl Makefile.PL CC=gcc

Got the same error.  Ran make clean, etc.  Same problem.  I discovered the
problem was in the SHA-1.2 directory.  It has it's own Makefile.  But the
CC=gcc I put on the command line in the main dir doesn't get passed down to the
Makefile.PL in the SHA subdir.

I manually cd'd to SHA-1.2 and ran
perl Makefile.PL CC=gcc

Then I went back to the main dir.  Now the compiles worked.

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