Web Page Messed Up?

Ross Druker RDruker@alamo.sh.rohmhaas.com
Tue Aug 26 20:56:02 2003

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I went to this page from IE and Netscape from Windows and Unix and it sho=
ws the
same confused text.


To guarantee that GnuPG versions you download has not been hacked by some=

malicious person, tarballs are signed.Per garantire che la versione di Gn=
scaricata non sia stata contraffatta da persone malintenzionate, gli arch=
sono firmati.

Signature key is reported below. It can also be retrieved the from key se=
or obtained from the GnuPG source tree (g10/pubring.asc).La chiave di fir=
ma =E8
riportata sotto. Pu=F2 anche essere recuperata dai server di chiavi (keys=
erver) o
dai sorgenti di GnuPG (g10/pubring.asc).

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