Weird scenario garbage key on keyserver can it be removed?

Neil Williams linux at
Mon Dec 1 19:24:59 CET 2003

On Monday 01 Dec 2003 6:14 pm, John Courie wrote:
> So if I am reading the documentation correctly,
> if I lost my private key (theft of laptop: fat lot of good it did them with
> an encrypted $HOME and the need for a boot floppy and 12 char root
> password) )
> and the offsite backup of the private key is gone too (bloddy breakup w/
> philandering-g-friend)
> then there is no way to get the key off the keyserver list?
> what is the protocol in that case just generate a new key and hope people
> use the new one?

Pretty much. The only difference would be to make and print a revocation 
certificate for the new key immediately after generation (as the 
documentation does recommend). (And find a storage medium immune to 
third-party variability!)

Without the old private key, you've lost any signatures that you collected on 
it. You'd have to use normal keysigning procedures all over again. 

If you stick a notice on a personal webpage, email all regular GnuPG contacts, 
stick a line in your email sig about your new key and put it on biglumber, 
that should cover most users.


Neil Williams
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