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Wed Dec 3 09:55:11 CET 2003

I am just interested. why is your key not available on a keyserver?
Is there something against publishing it on a server?

On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 08:10, Dennis Lambe Jr. wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 03:53, Oertel, Paul wrote:
> > I want to make a group of recipients. The manual indicates that I can
> > do do this using the --group option but it doesn't give any examples
> > or explain how to do it. When I try to follow the manual it looks
> > something like this.
> >  
> > C:\GnuPG>gpg --group "mylist=Paul"
> > gpg: Go ahead and type your message ...
> GnuPG splits its command-line arguments up into options and commands. 
> Any option can also be specified in your config file, ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf,
> which will cause it to be in effect for every gpg command you run.  As a
> result of this, the documentation lists a lot of command-line switches
> that are of little use on the command line, but useful as part of your
> config file.  The "group" option is one of these.
> If you specify a group on the command line, that group only exists for
> the lifetime of the command that you are running (and is therefore nigh
> useless).  If you specify a group in the config file, that group will
> exist to gpg whenever you run it, allowing you to specify it as a
> recipient of encrypted messages (-r groupname).
> It looks like you're expecting the --group command-line option to create
> a group which persists for longer than the lifetime of the gpg process
> you gave it to.  That's not how configuration works in GnuPG.  Any
> change that you want to make to the behavior of all subsequent gpg
> processes must be made in the config file.
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