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Atom 'Smasher' atom-gpg at
Thu Dec 4 07:33:21 CET 2003

> G'day Atom,   (???)
yeah, that's my real name...


> Also for accuracy I like using the term PGP or Open-PGP rather than
> GPG.  It's the open standard that we are following -- and it should be
> clear to non GPG users that a GPG generated key will work with any
> Open-PGP compliant client.
i was thinking along the same lines, for ideological reasons. i'm leaning
towards "OpenPGP" (or "Open-PGP"). as much as i happen to be partial
towards a particular implementation (GnuPG), the goal should be
compatibility and communication, *not* some subtle (and confusing, to
some) attempt to be a cheerleader for a particular implementation.

> Well that is my $0.02 (more like $5.12 but that is a side issue)...
you'll be credited $0.015, after inflation ;)

> Nice thread to start BTW.


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