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Thu Dec 4 22:53:57 CET 2003

On Thursday 04 Dec 2003 1:13 am, Oertel, Paul wrote:
> Tom,
> I have nothing against registering it on a key server. I just haven't
> gotten around to doing it. I'm not really sure if I can reach the key
> server through our firewall. Is there a web interface that I can use?
> Paul

Many firewalls allow you to make a connection to any port when that connection 
is created from inside the firewall. Try it and see:

$ gpg --keyserver --send-key KEYID 
$ gpg --keyserver --send-key KEYID 

If not, use the options in gpg.conf to use the broken-http-proxy options (the 
syntax depends on which version of GnuPG you are running, older ones used 
hkp-broken:// (IIRC), newer ones use broken-http-proxy in the keyserver 

Alternatively, use one of these keyserver websites:

(But only one is needed - keyservers do synchronise).


Neil Williams
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