port 80 keyserver access (was Re: GPG Recipients List)

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Fri Dec 5 21:12:54 CET 2003

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David Shaw wrote:
> That's about it.  You don't want to change the HTTP version to 1.1
> though.  This isn't true 1.1, but rather 1.0 with a Host: header.

Good to know.  I wasn't too sure about how that change would impact
things.  It's been ages since I spent any time reading the HTTP spec,
or, more precisely, being exposed to it regularly on the mod_gzip
mailing list.  I forgot that I could just add the host header to an
HTTP 1.0 request and get the needed behavior.

> There is no host header used to the http_proxy case since the proxy
> itself gets to send the host header.

Hehe, that was just a guess on my part, since I've never had to mess
around with a proxy on the machines I use.

> You also need to make "request" a little bigger just in case.

Ahh, it helps when you actually know C.  I just guess my way through
it most times.  I'd be quite dangerous if I actually patched up
production systems, but I know my limitations.  :-)

Thanks for the tips and the patch, David!

> The snow hasn't gotten up here yet.

Enjoy it if/when it does.  My favorite thing is to drive into the
snow, the effect of it coming at you is much better than a start field
screensaver.  Trouble is paying attention to the slick roads as you do

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