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Sat Dec 6 15:33:06 CET 2003

On Saturday 06 Dec 2003 7:49 am, Seetharamakrishnan wrote:
> Dear Users
> Unix Platform:
> When I run "t-encrypt" sample program from command line, it works fine. But

It's being run as a user and has access to user configuration files.

Try running the script exactly as given to init - you'd run it as an ordinary 
user, so if it works, it's the /home/ configuration that it's losing.

> when i put the same program in /etc/inittab, it gives error "GPGME-No

Which user is running init? If it's root, root will need user configuration - 
perhaps not the best solution!

> Recipient". Can anyone throw light on this ? Has it got to do with ENV ?

Can't you pass the recipient on the command line?

(What are you doing that uses automated encryption in init anyways? Sounds a 
tad like you might be reinventing the wheel.)


Neil Williams
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