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Sat Dec 6 20:13:10 CET 2003

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If you place the files in "Documents and
Settings\%username-goes-here%\My Documents", or "Application Data", this
is the way that windows will correctly handle multiple-users. Nothing
needs to be done for GPG other then ensure that the registry setting for
HOMEDIR is set to the correct path.


Jim C. wrote:
| I think it is safe to say that multi-user networked OS's are the future
| even when it comes to Windoze. Right?
| Is there any way, shape or form that I could convince GnuPG developers
| to make the Windoze version of GnuPG fully multi-user?  As things
| currently stand, the binarys do not seem to retrieve settings of any
| sort from the Windows environment and, consequently, are not aware of
| default locations for storing key rings and settings. I can use
| gpg.exe --homedir "%APPDATA%"\GnuPG
| or
| gpg.exe --homedir "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%"\.gnupg
| from the command line but there are programs such as Enigmail that use
| GnuPG for encryption and all the keys wind up in a central repository
| where all of the users can see the private keys.  From a
| security/administrative viewpoint this is decidedly less than ideal.
| Note that I've also tried specifying the environment variables above in
| the registry settings but they are not expanded properly when the
| binary's are executed.
| Thanks! :-)
| Jim C.

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