RSA key size restriction?

Matthias Wimmer m at
Sat Dec 13 13:26:29 CET 2003

Hi David!

David Shaw schrieb am 2003-12-09 12:31:48:
> > Why is the RSA support in GnuPG limited keysizes <= 4096 bits?
> > Unless the reason is fundamental, any thoughts on extending/removing
> > the limit?
> Note that the limit is for generation of these keys.  If you generate
> a larger key somewhere, GnuPG is able to work with it.

I could imagine that people would even create smaller keys, if the
restriction would be removed.
If you get suggested 1024 b and the limit is 4096 b I can understand that
people think "if 4096 is possible, it should work and why not use it?".
If you get suggested 1024 and there is no limit, there is nothing
that would give you the idea of generating 4096 b keys. Maybe you will
try a 10240 b key and notice that it's far to slow and you will then try
a key of the suggested size.
I guess it's just that if keys of 4096 b length are indirectly displayed
as possible, people will must more likely generate and use them.

Tot kijk

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