GPG problem Urgent please

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Mon Dec 22 10:46:59 CET 2003

Because many of us out here are using GPG as a poor-man's secure FTP. I use
it because my company won't pay $60 to a 'non-preffered' vendor for the S/W,
and says $2000 from the "preferred" vendor is too expensive.

I do I have it working for the OUTGOING side of the transaction, but not for
the incoming.   

>On Sun, 2003-12-21 at 13:43, hozefa_bambora8 at wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am facing a problem with gpg. i want to decrypt a file and i want all
the decryption information to be incorporated in gpg command itself. i
>>have this requirement because i need to use it in shell script
>> if i give command
>> gpg --decrypt a.gpg     It ask me for passpharase on command promt
>> but i want to use this command in the shell so i need to provide the
passphrase along with the command so i tried this
>> gpg --decrypt a.pgp  --passphrase-fd 'my passpharase'
>> but this dont work 
>> can anyone please help me out solving this

>Hmmm, why bother encrypting the data in the fist place? By automating
>the decryption you essentially render the security useless and anyone
>who gains access to the script can run and decrypt your data.

>Maybe I'm not understanding what you want to do.

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