GPG problem Urgent please

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Mon Dec 22 08:44:12 CET 2003

Besides, an sftp server requires a special client.  Many small shops (mine
included) don't want to use anything other than a standard ftp client.

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M$hell.   I'm hoping to cobble together enough spare parts to make a Linux
box for just a file server.   Right now, we're a Micro$oft shop with a Gnu
Freeware budget. It's not conducive to getting anything done.   

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On Mon, 2003-12-22 at 10:46, Gates, Scott wrote:
> Because many of us out here are using GPG as a poor-man's secure FTP. 
> I use it because my company won't pay $60 to a 'non-preffered' vendor 
> for the S/W, and says $2000 from the "preferred" vendor is too 
> expensive.
> I do I have it working for the OUTGOING side of the transaction, but not
> the incoming.   

Can you not run sftp or are you in MS hell @ work ??

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