GPG problem Urgent please

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Are you running on a Linux/Unix box?  If so, then I have scripts in use here
to automatically decrypt incoming data files.  In fact, the script will run
on a Linux box inside the firewall.  It will periodically pull files in from
the FTP server sitting in the DMZ and then decrypt them once the files are
inside the firewall.

If this is your situation, let me know.

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Because many of us out here are using GPG as a poor-man's secure FTP. I use
it because my company won't pay $60 to a 'non-preffered' vendor for the S/W,
and says $2000 from the "preferred" vendor is too expensive.

I do I have it working for the OUTGOING side of the transaction, but not for
the incoming.   

>On Sun, 2003-12-21 at 13:43, hozefa_bambora8 at wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am facing a problem with gpg. i want to decrypt a file and i want all
the decryption information to be incorporated in gpg command itself. i
>>have this requirement because i need to use it in shell script
>> if i give command
>> gpg --decrypt a.gpg     It ask me for passpharase on command promt
>> but i want to use this command in the shell so i need to provide the
passphrase along with the command so i tried this
>> gpg --decrypt a.pgp  --passphrase-fd 'my passpharase'
>> but this dont work 
>> can anyone please help me out solving this

>Hmmm, why bother encrypting the data in the fist place? By automating
>the decryption you essentially render the security useless and anyone
>who gains access to the script can run and decrypt your data.

>Maybe I'm not understanding what you want to do.

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