GPG problem Urgent please

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Hmmm.. Interesting (and common) thread.

Here's a couple thoughts.

1) If there is any budget, look at MoveIT and MoveIT-DMZ They do a pretty good job of allowing legacy clients
to work and have a VB script interface for customization.

2) If you want to use GnuPG, there are a couple things to point out:
  - The scripting works quite well with the Perl module GnuPG::Interface
  - The insecurity of a decryption key on-disk can be somewhat reduced by
using two keys like this:
  Create a "file transfer key" that will be used for the exchange, but give
it an automatic expiration date based on the type of data, etc. 
  Sign the "file transfer key" with a real admin's key that will never have
it's passphrase stored on disk.

  This way if the transfer key gets corrupted, and you *know* about it, you
can create a new one, etc. etc. If it gets compromised and you *don't* know
about it right away, it will limit the amount of time it will be of any

  If someone tries to insert a "fake" key (including storing the passphrase
*they* know on disk, you will know it because it won't be signed by the
admin's key.

Not a perfect solution, but easily adjusted for various types of data ( you
should use a different "file transfer key" for each different "interface" or
site you exchange files with ).

Good luck!


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I am facing a problem with gpg. i want to decrypt a file and i want all the
decryption information to be incorporated in gpg command itself. i have this
requirement because i need to use it in shell script

if i give command
gpg --decrypt a.gpg     It ask me for passpharase on command promt

but i want to use this command in the shell so i need to provide the
passphrase along with the command so i tried this

gpg --decrypt a.pgp  --passphrase-fd 'my passpharase'

but this dont work 
can anyone please help me out solving this


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