outdated documentation

Richard Cattien rc.foreign at gmx.net
Mon Dec 29 21:37:21 CET 2003


my problem (http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=gnupg-users&m=107271714815533&w=2)
in installing gnupg has been solved, thanks to Mike.

But now i'm facing more difficulties. It seems that the documentation
to gnupg is very outdated. For example the GnuPG-Mini-Howto is from
1999 (the english translation is from 2002, but that's just the
translation from 1999 german original). GPH also is from 1999.

Right now I started with the mini-howto. But I soon got confused. Many
commands just don't work or aren't described good enough. The "UID" is
often needed, but it is never explained what the UID is and where to
find it. (I created my key and wanted to create the revoke certificate
as stated in GPH and mini-howto, well, I failed because I don't know
my UID or so). 

The gpg manpage also tells me to look at the GPH and Howtos.

My main problem seems to be, that I don't really know what the UID or
Key-ID is and how to find it out. Am I blind, or do I misunderstand
something important?

My destination is to use gpg together along with mutt to automatically
sign, encrypt and decrypt messages. But before I go for that I want to
understand how it works and how to use it manually.

Is more up to date documenation in the works?

I hope to be able to use encryption soon :-)


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