mutt question

David Shaw
Wed Feb 5 17:39:02 2003

On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 09:25:24AM -0600, Henning, Brian wrote:
> Sorry for asking a question that has probably been asked before. 
> On my freebsd machine i have gpg installed along with mutt. I would like to
> use gpg inside mutt to sign my emails. Currently, when I email a message
> everything works fine. I am prompted "Enter PGP passphrase:" and i enter the
> paraphrase. when i recieve the email it comes in an attatchment form of an
> attatchment and not like this:
> Hash: SHA1


Mutt is generating PGP/MIME messages.  That's a good thing if it is
supported by your recipient, and a frustrating thing if it isn't.
Mutt comes with a document PGP-Notes.txt, and one of the questions in
there is "I don't like that PGP/MIME stuff, but want to use the old
way of PGP-signing my mails.  Can't you include that with mutt?".

A complete explanation is in there.


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