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Kyle Hasselbacher
Wed Feb 5 17:43:07 2003

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On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 09:25:24AM -0600, Henning, Brian wrote:
>Sorry for asking a question that has probably been asked before. 
>On my freebsd machine i have gpg installed along with mutt. I would like to
>use gpg inside mutt to sign my emails. Currently, when I email a message
>everything works fine. I am prompted "Enter PGP passphrase:" and i enter the
>paraphrase. when i recieve the email it comes in an attatchment form of an
>attatchment and not like this:

I have this in my .muttrc, and it works for me.  I'm using Mutt 1.4.0 on
Debian GNU/Linux.

set pgp_create_traditional
set pgp_outlook_compat

If you have the first without the second, it will make messages that are
not text/plain (application-pgp/signed?  I don't remember) and some people
will still see them as attachments.  With both options, it works for most
people, but I've still heard from the random Aunt that my messages show as
an attachment and nothing more.  I think it's producing a MIME header that
is "inline" but also has a filename, and some mailer got confused by that.

Hope this helps.
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Kyle Hasselbacher
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