gpg: no handler for keyserver scheme "ldap"

Todd Todd <>
Thu Feb 6 16:29:02 2003

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David Shaw wrote:
> This is a flaw in the RPM spec file.  The --libexecdir is specified to
> be just the root libexec directory, and not a program-specific
> directory.
> Yes.  None of the makefiles install anything into the libexec
> directory, so there is no need to set a different $libexecdir there.
> The keyserver makefile does install things into $libexecdir, so it
> needed to be set.  Basically, the keyserver $libexecdir is correct.
> All the others are wrong.

Thanks for the clarification David.

One thing that puzzles me is that if I use the RPM macros %configure and
%makeinstall, things break, (as in gpgkeys* install in /usr/libexec and not
in /usr/libexec/gnupg.  Again, this might just be bad behavior by the rpm
macros, but gnupg seems to behave differently from many other apps in this

The configure macro is essentially:

    ./configure --prefix=/usr ... --libexecdir=/usr/libexec

This causes no problems as far as I can see, the Makefiles look good.  It's
the %makeinstall macro that makes life weird.

The makeinstall macro essentially does this:

    make prefix=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr ... libexecdir=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/libexec

I believe Red Hat uses this because so many packages seem to ignore DESTDIR
(unlike the well behaved gnupg package :).  But shouldn't using this syntax
for make still work?  It ends up putting the keyserver helpers into
$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/libexec and the rpm build fails unless you move them to
the gnupg dir in the specfile (or use the more appropriate DESTDIR in make
install).  Most other packages I've created or built with rpm don't do this
sort of thing so it's unexpected behavior in that respect.

I don't know my way around Makefiles very well so I may be completely
misunderstanding things.  I ask mostly to satisfy my own curiosity at this
point, I've already built my own gnupg-1.2.1 packages.

Thanks for your insight (and all your efforts on gnupg)!

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