gpg: no handler for keyserver scheme "ldap"

David Shaw
Thu Feb 6 05:46:01 2003

On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 07:45:04PM -0500, Todd wrote:

> I had this same error when I built 1.2.1 on a redhat box, using the same
> specfile I had used in the past.  The problem in my case was that
> keyservers/Makefile added gnupg onto the end of the whatever was passed in
> as libexecdir.  So when the rpm specfile passed in /usr/lib/gnupg as
> libexecdir, the keyserver makefile was making that /usr/lib/gnupg/gnupg.  I
> found this out by running strings on the gpg binary.

This is a flaw in the RPM spec file.  The --libexecdir is specified to
be just the root libexec directory, and not a program-specific

> I noticed in looking at the makefiles that there is a GNUPG_LIBEXECDIR as
> well as the normal libexecdir defined.  In all the makefiles except in
> keyservers, libexecdir is set to what the user passed in and
> GNUPG_LIBEXECDIR is $libexecdir/gnupg.  Is it intentional that the
> keyservers makefile is different?

Yes.  None of the makefiles install anything into the libexec
directory, so there is no need to set a different $libexecdir there.
The keyserver makefile does install things into $libexecdir, so it
needed to be set.  Basically, the keyserver $libexecdir is correct.
All the others are wrong.


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